Data Analytics Services

While data is essential, the right data is critical. Understand what counts for your business by removing the noise and isolating what matters to your organization with accurate data analytics. Taking a data-driven approach to business can come with tremendous upside, however, not every organization is equipped with the right set of tools required to unleash its full potential. Fusion Informatics has an experienced team that is proficient in recognizing trends, testing hypotheses, and drawing conclusions for you to take the right data-backed decisions.


Project Ideation

Data Management

For the data to question, shape, and inform your perspectives, a robust data management strategy is crucial. We help you Create, Access, Store, Archive, Destroy and Update your data across a diverse data tier with high privacy and security.

Cloud Migration

Relocating your organization’s valuable data to the cloud can drive numerous advantages that cannot be obtained through an on-premises setup. FusionX’s Cloud migration strategy can help you migrate effortlessly within your budget.

Data Modeling

Regardless of the analysis brilliance, you need to be able to communicate the connections between data points and structure to others, data modeling can help you to develop a consistent way of defining and managing data resources.


Hardware Design

Data Analytics

To uncover the valuable insights hidden within your data, you’ll need to dive deeper than the surface-level information. Data analytics services help to derive various patterns, relations, connections, and other valuable insights that matter the most for your business.

Big Data Analytics

From Terabytes to zettabytes, no matter how big size, volume, velocity, or variety your data is, big data analytics can help you make decisions smarter, better, and faster.

ML/DL Algorithm

Just like the human brain interprets experiences to make future decisions, ML/DL Algorithms feed themselves with data, interpret it, and enable a business to accomplish the unimaginable.

Descriptive & Predictive Analytics

If you are wondering what happened in the past or willing to recognize what will happen in the future, descriptive and predictive analytics can play a trick and provide you with the answers you are looking for.

Demand Forecasting

Right from inventory planning to run flash sales, historical data can reveal the patterns, and help you estimate the future demand, optimize capital investment and make expansion decisions.


User Interface

Business Intelligence

A weak or wrong business intelligence report can bury a good insight, a strong or suitable one can make it stand out. Present your findings in easy-to-digest reports, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps with the right business intelligence system.

BI Implementation

BI tools like BI reporting, Querying, BI dashboards, OLAP, Data Preparation, Data Warehouse, etc have their unique requirements. Our team is seasoned to make your BI implementation seamless.

Data Visualization & Reporting

To communicate effectively with data, you need to tell a story with it. Data Visualization is not only essential to presenting your insights but also exploring the data for insights. So, let the picture talk.


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